Washington, District of Columbia
Clinical Professor of Medicine (Cardiology)
Georgetown University Medical Center
Associate Director, Division of Cardiology
Washington Hospital Center
Tuesday, November 18, 2014
What’s New With US Approved Drug Eluting Stents (DESs) In The SFA And Below
9:08 AM - 9:13 AM
A New Agent PCSK9 To Lower LDL: How Low Can LDL Go And Is It Safe
7:01 AM - 7:06 AM
Renal Denervation For Drug Resistant Hypertension: Does It Work: Many Trials Say It Does And Yet SIMPLICITY III Says It Does Not: Does The Emperor Have No Clothes
7:51 AM - 7:56 AM
DEBATE: Are The FDA Changes Really Going To Facilitate New Device Evaluation And Availability In The US: The Difficulty Lies With Congress, Not The FDA
1:18 PM - 1:23 PM
Wednesday, November 19, 2014
How Long Should Dual Antiplatelet Treatment Be Continued After Patients Receive A Coronary Stent (BMS Or DES): When Is It Safe To Stop Clopidogrel And Perform Non-Cardiac Surgery – An AAA, A Leg Bypass Or CEA: What To Do If Surgery Cannot Be Delayed: Based On New Findings From The OPTIMIZE Trial
9:22 AM - 9:27 AM
Infrared IVUS: A New Technique For Detecting Vulnerable Plaque
2:59 PM - 3:04 PM
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