Riga, Latvia
Professor of Vascular Surgery
University of Latvia
Professor of Vascular Surgery
Stradins University Hospital
Wednesday, November 15, 2023
Updated Late European Results Of The Detour PQ Fempop Arterial Bypass Routed Through The Femoral Vein From The DETOUR 1 Trial: Which Open Bypasses Will Be Made Obsolete
2:36 PM - 2:41 PM
Thursday, November 16, 2023
Altura Endograft With Kissing Proximal Stents For Standard EVAR: Advantages And Limitations: From An Updated Experience With >150 Patients And 5-Year Follow-Up
7:18 AM - 7:23 AM
Experience With The Nellix Endograft In 120 Patients With Up To 10 Years Follow-Up: What Is The Devicesí Future
8:24 AM - 8:29 AM
Update On The Vesteck Catheter Based Endosuturing Technology For EVAR And TEVAR Fixation: How Does It Work; How Is It Different From Endoanchors And Early Successful Clinical Results
4:24 PM - 4:29 PM
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