6:55 AM - 7:00 AM A Way To Simplify FEVAR With Difficult Anatomy: Sequential Catheterizations And Progressive Endograft Deployment: The SCAPED Technique
  Presenter(s):Carlos H. Timaran, MD  
7:01 AM - 7:06 AM Can We Reduce Follow-up Protocols After EVAR For Some Patients: How Can It Be Done And In Which Patients
  Presenter(s):Hence J.M. Verhagen, MD, PhD  
7:07 AM - 7:12 AM PET CT Can Predict Rupture Risk In Small AAAs And Safety In Following Large AAAs
  Presenter(s):Natzi Sakalihasan, MD, PhD  
7:13 AM - 7:18 AM What Is The Role For Open AAA Repair In The Endovascular Era: Who Should Be Doing It
  Presenter(s):Karl H. Orend, MD  
7:19 AM - 7:24 AM Are All Inflammatory AAAs Best Treated By EVAR
  Presenter(s):Manju Kalra, MBBS  
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7:25 AM - 7:30 AM Operative Management Of AAAs In Infants And Early Childhood: What Are They Due To And What Are The Long-Term Results
  Presenter(s):James C. Stanley, MD  
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7:31 AM - 7:36 AM How To Do EVAR As An Outpatient Procedure: Experience In >100 Patients Show There Is No Downside And Many Advantages
  Presenter(s):Mario Lachat, MD / Jacques Bleyn, MD  
7:37 AM - 7:42 AM Changes In EVAR Outcomes Over The Last 10 Years: Comparison Of EUROSTAR And ENGAGE Registry Results: Why Is There A Difference
  Presenter(s):Marc R.H.M. van Sambeek, MD, PhD  
7:43 AM - 7:48 AM Towards The Prevention Of Secondary Sac Rupture After EVAR
  Presenter(s):Roger M. Greenhalgh, MD  
7:49 AM - 7:54 AM DEBATE: Late Results Of The OVER And EVAR Trials Show That EVAR Is No Better Than Open Repair
  Presenter(s):Frank A. Lederle, MD  
7:55 AM - 8:00 AM DEBATE: Nonsense: The Late Results Of OVER And EVAR Prove EVAR Is Better
  Presenter(s):Juan C. Parodi, MD / Benjamin W. Starnes, MD / Christopher J. Kwolek, MD / Frank J. Veith, MD  
8:01 AM - 8:06 AM EVAR Does Make A Difference And Improves Overall Outcomes Of Elective And Ruptured AAAs Despite The Trials: Based On Information From The US Medicare Database
  Presenter(s):Marc L. Schermerhorn, MD  
8:07 AM - 8:14 AM Panel Discussion
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