9:40 AM - 9:45 AM Duodenal De-Rotation For SMA Compression Of The Duodenum: When And How To Do It
  Presenter(s):William J. Quinones-Baldrich, MD  
9:46 AM - 9:51 AM The Worst Patients For EVAR Are The Best For Minimally Invasive Open Repair Which Is Better Than FEVAR: Tips And Tricks For Minilap Open Repair
  Presenter(s):Francesco Spinelli, MD  
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9:52 AM - 9:57 AM How Do Infrarenal Neck Morphology Changes Compare After EVAR And Open Repair: OR Was Pretty Good: From The DREAM Trial
  Presenter(s):Jan D. Blankensteijn, MD  
9:58 AM - 10:03 AM Tips And Tricks For Explanting Failed EVAR Endografts Safely
  Presenter(s):Afshin Assadian, MD  
10:04 AM - 10:09 AM Why Is Limb Thrombosis More Frequent With Low Profile EVAR Devices: How To Prevent And Treat It
  Presenter(s):Ronald M. Fairman, MD  
10:10 AM - 10:15 AM Profile vs. Durability In Aortic Endografts: What Is The Best Tradeoff
  Presenter(s):Scott L. Stevens, MD  
10:16 AM - 10:21 AM Effective Post-EVAR Surveillance Saves Lives: What Are The Best Reasonable Strategies Now And Moving Forward
  Presenter(s):Frank J. Criado, MD, FACS, FSVM  
10:22 AM - 10:27 AM EVAR With Lower Profile: What Is The Future And What Concerns Should We Have
  Presenter(s):Michel Makaroun, MD  
10:28 AM - 10:38 AM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Krassi Ivancev, MD, PhD / Jonathan S. Deitch, MD  
10:39 AM - 10:44 AM Effect Of Experience And Learning Curve On FEVAR: Are More Fenestrations Good Or Bad
  Presenter(s):Timothy A. Resch, MD, PhD  
10:45 AM - 10:50 AM A Progressively Compliant Endograft: Theoretical Advantages For Aortic Dissections And Other Conditions
  Presenter(s):Juan C. Parodi, MD  
10:51 AM - 10:56 AM The Optimal 3D Imaging And Planning For Complex AAA Repair By EVAR: It Is Getting Better
  Presenter(s):Lieven F. Maene, MD  
10:57 AM - 11:02 AM Benefits Of Innova Vision Technology With The GE Discovery System Makes Complex AAA Repair Simpler And Requires Less Radiation And Contrast
  Presenter(s):Stephan Haulon, MD  
11:03 AM - 11:08 AM DEBATE: Most Coarctations, Re-Coarctations, And Related Aneurysms Should Be Treated Endovascularly
  Presenter(s):Zvonimir Krajcer, MD, FACC  
11:09 AM - 11:14 AM DEBATE: Not So! Some Of These Complex Coarctation Patients Require Open Repair
  Presenter(s):Joseph S. Coselli, MD  
11:15 AM - 11:20 AM How Does The Turn-Down Rate For Definitive Treatment Affect Overall And Procedural Mortality Rates For Ruptured AAAs In The US: How Can These Rates Be Improved
  Presenter(s):John J. Ricotta, MD  
11:21 AM - 11:26 AM Asymptomatic Renal Artery Aneurysms: When Should They Be Treated: Do We Really Know: What Is The Best Data
  Presenter(s):Peter F. Lawrence, MD  
11:27 AM - 11:32 AM Final Results Of The PEVAR (Percutaneous EVAR) Trial: PEVAR Is Best Except In What Circumstances: What Is Missing From The PEVAR Trial
  Presenter(s):Zvonimir Krajcer, MD, FACC  
11:33 AM - 11:45 AM Panel Discussion

End Of Program L

11:45 AM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break Rhinelander Gallery (2nd Floor)
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