10:12 AM - 10:17 AM DEBATE: An Endovascular First Approach To All CLI Patients Results In Better Limb Salvage: Based On Long-Term Follow-Up Of A Single Vascular Surgical Center
  Presenter(s):Ramon L. Varcoe, MD  
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10:18 AM - 10:23 AM DEBATE: Not So: Some CLI Patients Are Still Best Treated First By An Open Bypass: Which Ones And An Endovascular First Policy Can Harm Such Patients
  Presenter(s):Michael S. Conte, MD  
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10:24 AM - 10:29 AM Consequences Of An “Endovascular First Policy For All CLI Patients”: They Are Real – Especially With TASC C And D Lesions
  Presenter(s):Ross Milner, MD  
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10:30 AM - 10:35 AM Consequences Of Failed Tibial Angioplasty: How Often Is The Distal Target Vessel Altered Or Symptoms Increased: Open Bypass As The Initial Treatment Is Better For CLI Patients With TASC D Lesions
  Presenter(s):Marc L. Schermerhorn, MD  
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10:36 AM - 10:41 AM Endovascular Treatments For TASC C And D Lesions Have Improved And Justifies Their Use With Such Lesions: Do Results Support This Use
  Presenter(s):Gary M. Ansel, MD  
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10:42 AM - 10:47 AM 5-Year Results With The Supera Interwoven Stent Are Better Than Other Bare Metal Stents (BMSs) And DEBs In A Propensity Matched Comparison
  Presenter(s):Andrej Schmidt, MD / Dierk Scheinert, MD / Sabine Steiner, MD  
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10:48 AM - 10:53 AM 3-Year Results From The US IDE Trial With The Supera Stent: How Does The Deployment Technique Influence Midterm Patency
  Presenter(s):Lawrence A. Garcia, MD  
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10:54 AM - 10:59 AM Real World Experience With The Supera Stent For Long Challenging SFA/Pop Lesions: Deployment Tips And Mode Of Failure
  Presenter(s):D. Christopher Metzger, MD   
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11:00 AM - 11:05 AM 1-2-Year Good Results With The Xience Prime Balloon Expandable Everolimus DES For Long BTK Lesions Are Good: From The DESTINY 2 Trial
  Presenter(s):Marc Bosiers, MD / Patrick Peeters, MD  
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11:06 AM - 11:12 AM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Peter A. Schneider, MD / Darren B. Schneider, MD  
11:12 AM - 11:17 AM Role Of DEBs For Infrainguinal Lesions (SFA/Pop/BTK) In 2015 And The Future: What Is It And What Will It Be In Primary And Recurrent Lesions And ISR
  Presenter(s):Giancarlo Biamino, MD, PhD  
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11:18 AM - 11:23 AM DEBATE: Why We Should Stay Away From DEBs For BTK Interventions
  Presenter(s):Erich Minar, MD  
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11:24 AM - 11:29 AM DEBATE: DEBs For BTK Lesions Have A Bright Future: Why The In.Pact Deep Trial Did Not Work And Lessons Learned That Should Make DEBs Effective BTK Including In Crural Arteries
  Presenter(s):Francesco Liistro, MD  
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11:30 AM - 11:35 AM Ongoing Trials Of Drug Delivery Techniques And Improved Stents For BTK Arteries: The Future Is Bright
  Presenter(s):Andrej Schmidt, MD / Dierk Scheinert, MD  
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11:36 AM - 11:41 AM Late Patency And Limb Salvage Results After Plantar And Pedal Loop PTAs For CLI: How Do They Differ In Patients With Gangrene And Ulceration And Those With Rest Pain
  Presenter(s):Roberto Ferraresi, MD  
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11:42 AM - 11:47 AM Infrainguinal Artery Calcification In Fem/Pop And Tibial Arteries: What Is Its Location And Nature And How Does It Impact On Endovascular Treatments In The Thigh, Leg And Foot
  Presenter(s):Jihad A. Mustapha, MD  
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11:48 AM - 11:53 AM Meta-Analysis Of Results With Venous Arterialization For Limb Salvage: When Does It Work And Why: Properly Done It Offers A Hope For Limb Salvage In Otherwise Hopeless Circumstances
  Presenter(s):Pramook Mutirangura, FRCS (Edinburgh)  
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11:54 AM - 12:00 PM Panel Discussion
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break – 2nd Floor Promenade
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