10:20 AM - 10:25 AM What Did Leonardo da Vinci Know About Atherosclerosis Before William Harvey
  Presenter(s):Christopher K. Zarins, MD  
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10:26 AM - 10:31 AM The First Published Report On CAS In 1977: An Interesting Story: How Was It Received
  Presenter(s):Klaus D. Mathias, MD  
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10:32 AM - 10:37 AM Tests For The Hypercoaguable State Are Overused And Unnecessary In Most Vascular Patients: When Are They Needed And Helpful
  Presenter(s):Elna M. Masuda, MD  
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10:38 AM - 10:43 AM Atherosclerotic Plaque Regression: Is It Now A Reality: How Can It Occur: And What Are The Expectations For The Future
  Presenter(s):Ralph G. DePalma, MD  
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10:44 AM - 10:49 AM Value Of Frailty Indices In Vascular Surgical Procedures: What Are They And How Can They Be Helpful
  Presenter(s):Gregory L. Moneta, MD  
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10:50 AM - 10:55 AM Tips And Tricks In The Management Of Pediatric Vascular Trauma
  Presenter(s):Meryl E. Davis, FRCS / George Hamilton, MD, FRCS  
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10:56 AM - 11:01 AM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Ramon Berguer, MD, PhD / Enrico Ascher, MD  
11:01 AM - 11:06 AM How Can Vascular Surgeons Reconcile Work And Family Responsibilities And Time Commitments And Succeed With Both
  Presenter(s):Marshall E. Benjamin, MD  
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11:07 AM - 11:12 AM Patient Benefit From Meetings Of The Vascular Community For Education, Innovation And Evidence With Active Collaboration Of CME And Industry Regulatory Bodies
  Presenter(s):Roger M. Greenhalgh, MD  
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11:13 AM - 11:18 AM Current Status Of MOC For Vascular Surgeons: Why Vascular Surgeons Should Join The Cardiologists To Resist The Existing Onerous Requirements
  Presenter(s):John F. Eidt, MD  
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11:19 AM - 11:24 AM Variability In Operating Time For The Same Procedure By Different Vascular Surgeons: How Does It Correlate With Outcomes: Do Slow Surgeons Get Better Or Worse Results
  Presenter(s):Jack L. Cronenwett, MD  
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11:25 AM - 11:30 AM How Should Academic Activity Be Rated And Rewarded: Should There Be Academic RVUs To Define And Quantitate Academic Activity And Productivity: How To Set Up Such A System
  Presenter(s):Mark G. Davies, MD / Alan B. Lumsden, MD, FACS  
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11:31 AM - 11:36 AM Lessons Learned From 2 Disasters: 9-11 And Superstorm Sandy
  Presenter(s):Mark A. Adelman, MD  
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11:37 AM - 11:42 AM Why Should Vascular Surgeons Get An MBA Or Other Advanced Degree
  Presenter(s):Robert B. McLafferty, MD  
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11:43 AM - 11:48 AM What Is The Value Of Vascular And Endovascular Societies: What Should They Do For Us And Our Specialty: Which Ones Should We Join And Why
  Presenter(s):Donald B. Reid, MD  
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11:49 AM - 11:59 AM Panel Discussion
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break 2nd Floor Promenade
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