2:20 PM - 2:25 PM Strategies To Allow Us To Confront The Changing Health Care System And ACOs
  Presenter(s):John H. Furtek, BS, RT(r)  
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2:26 PM - 2:31 PM Why ACOs Have Not And Will Not Decrease Health Spending In Cardiovascular Care
  Presenter(s):Philip P. Goodney, MD, MS  
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2:32 PM - 2:37 PM Is The RRC-S (Residency Review Committee-Surgery) Working Well For Vascular Surgery: Should We Have An Independent RRC-VS
  Presenter(s):Ronald L. Dalman, MD  
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2:38 PM - 2:43 PM Current Impact Of The 0+5 Vascular Surgery Residency Programs: Should Vascular Surgery Now Become An Independent Specialty As It Is In Most Other Civilized Countries
  Presenter(s):John F. Eidt, MD  
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2:44 PM - 2:49 PM The Need For Continuing Evolution And Recognition Of Vascular Surgery As An Independent Specialty
  Presenter(s):James C. Stanley, MD  
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2:50 PM - 2:55 PM Role Of Our Vascular Journals In Dealing With Political, Training And Governance Issues Facing Vascular Surgery
  Presenter(s):Timothy M. Sullivan, MD  
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2:56 PM - 3:01 PM Update On 0+5 Vascular Residencies: Numbers, Levels Of Resident Satisfaction And Incidence Of Dropouts
  Presenter(s):Murray L. Shames, MD  
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3:02 PM - 3:07 PM Comparison Of Knowledge Base, Surgical Skills And Other Characteristics Of 5+2 And 0+5 Vascular Surgery Residents
  Presenter(s):Robyn A. Macsata, MD  
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3:08 PM - 3:13 PM Importance Of Promoting The Careers Of Junior Faculty Vascular Surgeons (As Well As Residents And Fellows): A System For Doing It
  Presenter(s):Karl A. Illig, MD / John F. Eidt, MD  
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3:14 PM - 3:19 PM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Ramon Berguer, MD, PhD / Kim J. Hodgson, MD  
3:19 PM - 3:24 PM Update On Coding And Reimbursement Issues For Vascular Surgery: Now, In 2016 And Beyond
  Presenter(s):Sean P. Roddy, MD  
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3:25 PM - 3:30 PM Financial Impact Of The ACA To Date And In The Future: What Will It Mean To Vascular Surgeons
  Presenter(s):Robert M. Zwolak, MD, PhD  
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3:31 PM - 3:36 PM How To Shift The Learning Curve For Vascular Surgery From The Patient To A Model: The Vascular International Training Course Helps To Do This
  Presenter(s):Hans-Henning Eckstein, MD, PhD  
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3:37 PM - 3:42 PM Advantages In Patient Specific Simulation For EVAR For Elective And Ruptured AAAs
  Presenter(s):Isabelle van Herzeele, MD, PhD / Mario L. Lachat, MD  
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3:43 PM - 3:48 PM The Introduction Of New Technology For Treating Vascular Lesions May Lead To Unnecessary Adverse Events: Many Of These Can Be Avoided By Simulation And Team Training
  Presenter(s):Colin D. Bicknell, MD, FRCS  
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3:49 PM - 4:00 PM Panel Discussion And Break
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