4:37 PM - 4:42 PM How To Manage EVAR With Small Distal Aortas: When Are Bifurcated Grafts OK And When Is An Aorto-Uni-Iliac Device Needed
  Presenter(s):David J. Minion, MD  
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4:43 PM - 4:48 PM Screening For AAAs In Women: When Should They Be Screened And When Should They Not Be
  Presenter(s):Andrew N. Nicolaides, MS, FRCS / Mohsen Chabok, MD, MSc  
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4:49 PM - 4:54 PM Is EVAR Good Treatment For Young (<60) AAA Patients: When Is Open Repair The Best Option
  Presenter(s):Thomas L. Forbes, MD  
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4:55 PM - 5:00 PM DEBATE: Off-Label Use Of EVAR Devices May Have Satisfactory Early Outcomes, But Long-Term Outcomes Are Guarded
  Presenter(s):Ali F. AbuRahma, MD  
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5:01 PM - 5:06 PM DEBATE: Not So: Off-Label Use Of EVAR Devices Is Sometimes Justified And Does Not Yield Higher Long-Term Failure Rates If Certain Requirements Are Fulfilled
  Presenter(s):B. Patrice Mwipatayi, FRACS  
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5:07 PM - 5:12 PM What Has Changed Since Our Oft Quoted 2011 Circulation Article: I Now Believe Some Off-Label Use Of EVAR Devices Is Justified And Safe
  Presenter(s):Andres Schanzer, MD  
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5:13 PM - 5:19 PM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Thomas L. Forbes, MD / Ali F. AbuRahma, MD  
5:19 PM - 5:24 PM Has EVAR Led To A Decrease In AAA Rupture Over The Last 2 Decades Or Has It Just Led To More Unnecessary AAA Repairs
  Presenter(s):James May, MD, MS, FRACS, FACS  
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5:25 PM - 5:30 PM The Iliac Seal Zone In EVAR: Its Dynamics And Clinical Consequences
  Presenter(s):Hence J.M. Verhagen, MD, PhD  
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5:31 PM - 5:36 PM Diminished Sexual Function In AAA Patients Occurs After EVAR As Well As Open Repair
  Presenter(s):Jan S. Brunkwall, MD, PhD  
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5:37 PM - 5:42 PM Are Newer EVAR Devices Better Than The Previous Ones: Do They Produce Better Results Or Are They Just Easier To Use
  Presenter(s):Marc R.H.M. van Sambeek, MD, PhD  
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5:43 PM - 5:48 PM Patient Reported Quality Of Life (QOL) Measures After Open And Endo AAA Repair: Which Is Better
  Presenter(s):Robert J. Hinchliffe, MD  
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5:49 PM - 5:55 PM Panel Discussion

End of Program F

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