6:45 AM - 6:50 AM Implantable Microtechnology To Remotely Monitor Bypass Function
  Presenter(s):Richard F. Neville, MD  
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6:51 AM - 6:56 AM MR Based 3D Imaging In Peripheral Vascular Interventions: A Way To Reduce Radiation Exposure
  Presenter(s):Jos C. van den Berg, MD, PhD  
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6:57 AM - 7:02 AM Innovative Approaches To Cell Therapy For CLI And Bold MRI To Measure Calf Perfusion To Monitor Its Effects
  Presenter(s):Bijan Modarai, PhD, FRCS  
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7:03 AM - 7:08 AM Percussion Crossing Device (The Piculet Hammer) To Facilitate Crossing Heavily Calcified CTOs
  Presenter(s):Max Amor, MD  
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7:09 AM - 7:14 AM Shockwave Lithoplasty: A Balloon That Transmits Shockwaves To Crack Heavily Calcified Lesions And Then Dilate Them (PTA)
  Presenter(s):Andrew Holden, MBChB / Marianne Brodmann, MD  
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7:15 AM - 7:20 AM Variable Curve Directable Guide Sheath From Aptus To Facilitate Other Challenging Endovascular Procedures
  Presenter(s):Joshua D. Adams, MD / Claudio J. Schonholz, MD  
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7:21 AM - 7:26 AM What Has Anatomy And Pathology Taught Us About Renal Denervation: Where Are The Nerves That Need To Be Destroyed And What Damage Can Radiofrequency Do To The Renal Artery
  Presenter(s):Renu Virmani, MD  
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7:27 AM - 7:32 AM Human Tissue Engineered Arterial Grafts Are Finally Working As Lower Extremity Bypasses And Dialysis Access: Why And Prospects For The Future
  Presenter(s):Jeffrey H. Lawson, MD, PhD  
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7:33 AM - 7:38 AM What Is New In Better Balloon Angioplasty Catheters: Can They Inflate In A Curved Configuration
  Presenter(s):Timothy A.M. Chuter, DM  
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7:39 AM - 7:44 AM Value Of 3D Printing To Create A Vascular Phantom To Facilitate And Improve Complex AAA Repairs
  Presenter(s):Benjamin W. Starnes, MD  
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7:45 AM - 7:50 AM How To Non-Invasively Measure Blood Flow And Lesion Significance In Coronary Arteries With CTA: Fractional Flow Reserve (FFR) Is Valuable There: Will It Be In Other Arterial Beds And How Will It Work
  Presenter(s):Christopher K. Zarins, MD  
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7:51 AM - 7:58 AM Panel Discussion
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