2:00 PM - 2:05 PM The ABSORB III Trial Results: The Pivotal US Approval Randomized Trial Of Bioabsorbable Scaffolds vs. Metallic Drug-Eluting Stents In Coronary Artery Disease
  Presenter(s):Gregg W. Stone, MD  
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2:06 PM - 2:11 PM How Well Do Biodegradable Stents Work In The Coronary Arteries: Where Are They Going In Other Arteries Especially Smaller Ones
  Presenter(s):Ron Waksman, MD  
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2:12 PM - 2:17 PM 1-Year Experience With Drug Eluting (Everolimus) Bioabsorbable Stents (ABSORB BVS From Abbott) In The BTK Arteries Including The Tibials
  Presenter(s):Ramon L. Varcoe, MD  
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2:18 PM - 2:23 PM The ESPRIT Bioabsorbable DES In The SFA: 2-Year Results Are Promising
  Presenter(s):Johannes Lammer, MD  
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2:24 PM - 2:29 PM Rethinking Stent Designs And Techniques For Use In The SFA: What Does The Future Hold
  Presenter(s):Brian G. DeRubertis, MD  
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2:30 PM - 2:42 PM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Giancarlo Biamino, MD, PhD / Firas F. Mussa, MD  
2:43 PM - 2:48 PM New Nitinol Stents (Like SMART CONTROL From Cordis) In The SFA: Are They Better Than The Old Ones For Patency And Effectiveness Especially For More Complex Lesions
  Presenter(s):Daniel G. Clair, MD  
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2:49 PM - 2:54 PM Pulsar Nitinol Stent In Combination With Other Adjunctive Techniques (DEBs, Scoring Balloons, Debulking Devices): 12-Month Results Of The BIOFLEX Registry Are Promising
  Presenter(s):Michael K.W. Lichtenberg, MD  
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2:55 PM - 3:00 PM >1 Year Experience With The Unique Two Component Gore Tigris Stent In The SFA And Popliteal Artery: What Are Its Unique Advantages And Limitations
  Presenter(s):Andrej Schmidt, MD  
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3:01 PM - 3:06 PM Self-Expanding Thin Strut Nitinol Stents (Pulsar) Plus DEBs: 2-Year Results From The DEBAS Trial Are Promising
  Presenter(s):B. Patrice Mwipatayi, FRACS  
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3:07 PM - 3:12 PM A Long Self-Expanding Bare Metal Stent (EverFlex From Covidien) Can Be Effective In Treating Complex Fempop Lesions: 3-Year Results From The DURABILITY II Trial
  Presenter(s):Jon S. Matsumura, MD / Krishna J. Rocha-Singh, MD  
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3:13 PM - 3:18 PM Silent Infection Of Endografts: How Can It Be Detected And What Is Its Significance
  Presenter(s):Werner Lang, MD  
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3:19 PM - 3:26 PM Panel Discussion
3:26 PM - 3:40 PM Break - Visit Exhibits And Pavilions (2nd and 3rd Floors)
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