6:39 AM - 6:45 AM Atherosclerotic Plaque Regression: Is It Now A Reality: How Can It Occur: And What Are The Expectations For The Future
  Presenter(s):Kosmas I. Paraskevas, MD  
6:46 AM - 6:51 AM Current Optimal Methods To Evaluate Plaque Instability With Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis (ACS)
  Presenter(s):Clark J. Zeebregts, MD, PhD  
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6:52 AM - 6:57 AM Juxtaluminal Black Area (JBA) On Duplex Determines Stroke Risk In ACS Patients: How To Determine And Quantitate It: Can It Be Changed: What Other Factors Quantitate Risk
  Presenter(s):Andrew N. Nicolaides, MS, FRCS / Stavros Kakkos, MD, PhD  
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6:58 AM - 7:03 AM DEBATE: Patch Closure After CEA Should Be Used Most Of The Time: The Level 1 Evidence Shows It
  Presenter(s):Ali F. AbuRahma, MD  
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7:04 AM - 7:09 AM DEBATE: Patch Closure After CEA Is Usually Not Needed Despite The Level 1 Evidence
  Presenter(s):Nicholas J. Gargiulo III, MD, FACS, RPVI, RVT, RDMS  
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7:10 AM - 7:15 AM DEBATE: If Certain Techniques Are Employed, Patch Closure After CEA Is Not Always Needed And Patch Closures Have Complications: What Are They
  Presenter(s):Glenn M. LaMuraglia, MD  
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7:16 AM - 7:21 AM Is Preop Coronary Angiography Before CEA Beneficial Over The Long-Term: Based On A RCT
  Presenter(s):Jean-Baptiste Ricco, MD, PhD  
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7:22 AM - 7:27 AM Midterm Results With A Micromesh Covered Stent For CAS (The Roadsaver Stent From Terumo); What Are The Differences Between The 3 Available Mesh Covered Stents
  Presenter(s):Max Amor, MD  
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7:28 AM - 7:33 AM Technical Aspects And Results With The Gore Scaffold Mesh Covered Stent For CAS: Are Any Of These Mesh Covered Stents Ready For Prime Time
  Presenter(s):Peter A. Schneider, MD / Claudio J. Schonholz, MD  
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7:34 AM - 7:39 AM MicroNet Covered Embolic Prevention Carotid Stent System: From CARENET And PARADIGM Studies To Routine Clinical Practice
  Presenter(s):Piotr Musialek, MD, DPhil  
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7:40 AM - 7:45 AM Update On Value Of Contrast Enhanced 3D Duplex And Carotid Artery Flow Dynamics To Detect Plaque Changes And Identify High Risk ACS Patients For Invasive Treatment
  Presenter(s):Brajesh K. Lal, MD  
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7:46 AM - 7:51 AM MRI Can Determine Carotid Plaque Characteristics And Embolic Risk Prospectively: These MRI Findings Correlate With Symptoms, TCD Hits And Cognitive Changes
  Presenter(s):Peter L. Faries, MD, FACS  
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7:52 AM - 8:00 AM Panel Discussion
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