10:47 AM - 10:52 AM Double Filtration Embolic Brain Protection During CAS Improves Outcomes: A Novel PTA Balloon With An Integrated Filter Helps To Do This: The Paladin Balloon
  Presenter(s):Ravish Sachar, MD  
10:53 AM - 10:58 AM Effect Of Statins On Restenosis And Late Patient Survival After CEA
  Presenter(s):Ali F. AbuRahma, MD  
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10:59 AM - 11:04 AM How Enlightened Surgeons Should Select Asymptomatic Carotid Stenosis (ACS) Patients For CEA; For CAS; For BMRx Alone: All ACS Patients Should Get BMRx
  Presenter(s):Anthony J. Comerota, MD, FACS, FACC  
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11:05 AM - 11:10 AM Striking Variability In Preop Carotid Imaging Before Invasive Treatment In Different Locations And Why Its Bad For Patient Care
  Presenter(s):Andres Schanzer, MD  
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11:11 AM - 11:16 AM DEBATE: Early CEA In Symptomatic Carotid Stenosis Patients Within <2 Weeks Of The First Symptom Carries No Increased Risk Even If The Patient Is On Dual Antiplatelet Agents
  Presenter(s):Ross Naylor, MD, FRCS  
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11:17 AM - 11:22 AM DEBATE: Not So: Early CEA After Symptom Onset Has A Higher Risk Of Adverse Events (Death/Stroke) Than Delayed Operation: How Long Should CEA Be Delayed
  Presenter(s):Thomas C. Bower, MD  
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11:23 AM - 11:28 AM Current Optimal Ways To Manage Infected Carotid Patches When There Is No False Aneurysm And When There Is One
  Presenter(s):Ali F. AbuRahma, MD / Patrick A. Stone, MD  
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11:29 AM - 11:34 AM DEBATE: CMS Data Based Studies Tell Us Correctly About CEA And CAS Results In Real World Practice
  Presenter(s):Thomas G. Brott, MD  
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11:35 AM - 11:40 AM DEBATE: Not So: CMS Data Based Studies Are Flawed Models Sinking In The Quicksand Of Pseudo-Data
  Presenter(s):Richard P. Cambria, MD  
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11:41 AM - 11:46 AM Update On The Status Of ACST-2 Comparing CEA And CAS In ACS Patients: Devices Used, Medical Treatments: Is CEA/CAS Equipoise For ACS Being Supported
  Presenter(s):Alison Halliday, MS, FRCS  
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11:47 AM - 11:55 AM Panel Discussion
11:55 AM - 12:00 PM Associate Faculty Awards Presentation
  Presenter(s):Enrico Ascher, MD / Alan Dardik, MD, PhD  
12:00 PM - 1:00 PM Lunch Break 2nd Floor Promenade
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