9:37 AM - 9:42 AM Advantages Of Fusion And How It Reduces Contrast And X-ray Dosage For Complex AAA Repairs: How To Eliminate Registration Errors Due To Changes In Anatomy From Vascular Devices, Sheaths And Wires
  Presenter(s):Neal S. Cayne, MD  
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9:43 AM - 9:48 AM Advances In Fusion Techniques To Make Them More Accurate: Use Of Vascular Calcium To Correct For Aortic Distortion From Sheaths And Wires And Automatic Fusion Registration And Re-Registration
  Presenter(s):Alan B. Lumsden, MD, FACS  
9:49 AM - 9:54 AM A New System For Automated 3D Fusion Overlay Which Works With All Digital Fluoroscopes Fixed And MOBILE From All Manufacturers And Which Re-Registers With Patient And Table Movement
  Presenter(s):Tom Carrell, MD, MChir  
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9:55 AM - 10:00 AM A Modern Hybrid Room Will Reduce Radiation Dose And Protect Patients' Kidneys: Tips And Tricks To Use Such Rooms Optimally
  Presenter(s):Lieven F. Maene, MD  
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10:01 AM - 10:06 AM Rotation Angio-CT: What Is It And How Can It Improve Complex Endovascular Treatments Compared To Standard DSA And Pressure Measurements
  Presenter(s):Timothy A. Resch, MD, PhD  
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10:07 AM - 10:12 AM Update On New Assets In Hybrid Suites And How They Help Get Better Results
  Presenter(s):Stephan Haulon, MD  
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10:13 AM - 10:18 AM How To Train Hybrid Suite Staff Optimally For Complex Aortic Procedures: Its Essential They Know About All Equipment
  Presenter(s):Rodney A. White, MD  
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10:19 AM - 10:27 AM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Rodney A. White, MD / Alan B. Lumsden, MD, FACS  
10:27 AM - 10:32 AM Mobile C-Arm (Ziehm Vision RFT Hybrid) And Stille Mobile Floating Table Has Many Of The Advantages Of A Hybrid Room At A Lower Cost And They Can Function In Multiple ORs
  Presenter(s):Peter C.J. Goverde, MD  
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10:33 AM - 10:38 AM Intra-arterial Arteriography Does Not Always Accurately Reflect The Anatomy: What Can Be Done To Fix This Problem
  Presenter(s):Nicolas A. Diehm, MD  
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10:39 AM - 10:44 AM Can Optical Techniques Replace X-ray For Interventional Guidance: Some Specifics
  Presenter(s):Frans L. Moll, MD, PhD  
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10:45 AM - 10:50 AM Value Of Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) In The Treatment Of Lower Extremity And Other Arteries: How Does It Work And What Are The Limitations
  Presenter(s):Vikram S. Kashyap, MD  
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10:51 AM - 10:56 AM Value Of IVUS To Evaluate Residual Stenoses After SFA Interventions And SPY To Evaluate Foot Tissue Perfusion To Assess Procedure Effectiveness: How Do They Work
  Presenter(s):Wei Zhou, MD  
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10:57 AM - 11:11 AM Panel Discussion
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