12:54 PM - 12:59 PM Upward (Cranial) Migration Of Thoracic Endografts: Etiology And How To Prevent And Treat
  Presenter(s):Vicente Riambau, MD, PhD  
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1:00 PM - 1:05 PM Does Avoiding Perioperative Hyperglycemia Decrease The Incidence Of Spinal Cord Ischemia After TAAA Repair
  Presenter(s):Jade S. Hiramoto, MD / Timothy A.M. Chuter, DM  
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1:06 PM - 1:11 PM Minimally Invasive Segmental Artery Coil Embolization (MISACE) To Prevent Spinal Cord Ischemia Associated With TAAA Repairs: Technique And Initial Clinical Experience
  Presenter(s):Daniela Branzan, MD / Christian D. Etz, MD, PhD / Dierk Scheinert, MD / Andrej Schmidt, MD  
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1:12 PM - 1:17 PM Immediate And Two-Year Outcomes After EVAR In “On-Label” And “Off-Label” Neck Anatomies Using Different Commercially Available Devices
  Presenter(s):Francesco Speziale, MD  
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1:18 PM - 1:23 PM Status Of The LEOPARD Trial Comparing EVAR With An Endograft Fixated On The Aortic Bifurcation (AFX, Endologix) With EVAR Done With Standard Endografts
  Presenter(s):Benjamin W. Starnes, MD / Christopher J. Kwolek, MD  
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1:24 PM - 1:29 PM Is It Worthwhile Transferring RAAA Patients To A Regional Center – Especially Patients With Complex RAAAs: Tips For Doing So Relatively Safely
  Presenter(s):Mr. Michael P. Jenkins, MBBS, BSc, MS, FRCS, FEBVS  
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1:30 PM - 1:35 PM When After EVAR Can Vigorous Surveillance Be Minimized: What Are The Advantages Of Doing So
  Presenter(s):Frans L. Moll, MD, PhD  
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1:36 PM - 1:41 PM F/BEVAR To Salvage Failed Infrarenal Endo And Open AAA Repairs, And Why Is 3- Or 4- Fenestration FEVAR Better Than 2-Fenestration FEVAR
  Presenter(s):Eric L.G. Verhoeven, MD, PhD / Athanasios Katsargyris, MD  
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1:42 PM - 1:47 PM Techniques For Overcoming Hostile Access Vessels And Maintaining Distal Limb Perfusion During Complex AAA And TAAA Repairs
  Presenter(s):Thomas Larzon, MD, PhD  
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1:48 PM - 1:54 PM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Luis A. Sanchez, MD / ShenMing Wang, MD, PhD  
1:54 PM - 1:59 PM Secondary Interventions After TEVAR: What Is The Source And Significance Of Type 2 Endoleaks: How To Prevent And Treat Them
  Presenter(s):Mark K. Eskandari, MD  
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2:00 PM - 2:05 PM Pitfalls Of Upper Extremity Access For F/BEVAR And Parallel Grafts: How To Avoid These Pitfalls
  Presenter(s):Luis A. Sanchez, MD  
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2:06 PM - 2:11 PM Developing A Program For Advanced Aortic Endovascular Interventions: How To Do It
  Presenter(s):Rocco Giudice, MD  
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2:12 PM - 2:17 PM Open Repair Of TAAAs In Marfan’s Syndrome Patients: Tips, Tricks And Results
  Presenter(s):Germano Melissano, MD / Roberto Chiesa, MD  
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2:18 PM - 2:23 PM Role Of Stent-Grafts In The Treatment Of Marfan’s Syndrome Patients With Aortic Aneurysms
  Presenter(s):James H. Black, III, MD  
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2:24 PM - 2:29 PM How To Predict AAA Growth Rates With Ultrasound And Elastography Techniques
  Presenter(s):Doran S. Mix, MD / Michael C. Stoner, MD  
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2:30 PM - 2:35 PM Endovascular Treatment Of Giant Renal Or Visceral Artery A-V Fistulas: Techniques, Tips, Tricks And Precautions
  Presenter(s):Manju Kalra, MBBS  
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2:36 PM - 2:41 PM Panel Discussion
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