2:00 PM - 2:05 PM Value Of Phoenix 2.2 mm Atherectomy System (From Volcano) In Treating Lower Extremity Occlusive Lesions: It Cuts, Captures And Clears In 1 Step: How Does It Work And Early Results
  Presenter(s):Luis R. Leon, MD, RVT, FACS  
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2:06 PM - 2:11 PM Superior Mesenteric Artery (SMA) Reimbplantation For The Nutcracker Syndrome With Duodenal Obstruction: A Better Treatment Than Gastrojejunostomy
  Presenter(s):Kenneth J. Cherry, MD  
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2:12 PM - 2:17 PM How To Make Thrombolysis More Precise And Effective With Microbubbles And EKOS Catheters: Results In Humans From The MUST Trial
  Presenter(s):Kak Khee Yeung, MD, PhD  
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2:18 PM - 2:23 PM Value Of Ultrasound In The Operating Room In Planning, Access, Control Of Angioplasty Above And Below The Knee (BTK) And Closure Of The Puncture Site
  Presenter(s):Enrique Puras, MD  
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2:24 PM - 2:29 PM Pioneering Techniques For The Endovascular Treatment Of Critical Upper Extremity Ischemia With Gangrene
  Presenter(s):Roberto Ferraresi, MD  
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2:30 PM - 2:35 PM Update On The Current Status Of Stem Cell And Bone Marrow Therapy For CLI And Gangrene With Unfixable Distal Arteries
  Presenter(s):Richard J. Powell, MD  
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2:36 PM - 2:41 PM Two Techniques To Facilitate F/BEVAR: 1) The Up-And-Over Technique For Endoconduit Solutions With Bad Iliac Access Arteries And 2) Progressive Main Graft Deployment With Sequential Branch Catheterization And Stent-Grafting To Permit Staging And To Deal With Narrow Aortas
  Presenter(s):Carlos H. Timaran, MD  
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2:42 PM - 2:47 PM Physiological And Biomechanical Information From 4D Dynamic Imaging Can Help Us Understand And Guide The Management Of Aortic Disease: New Developments
  Presenter(s):Rachel E. Clough, MD, PhD  
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2:48 PM - 2:53 PM Radial Access For Most Non-Coronary Interventions: Equipment, Techniques, Advantages, Risks And Limitations
  Presenter(s):Marcelo Guimaraes, MD, FSIR  
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2:54 PM - 2:59 PM Value And Advantages Of The Chocolate Balloon PTA Catheter (TriReme/Cordis): Theory Of Its Pillows And Groove Technology And Clinical Results (The ENDURE Trial)
  Presenter(s):Andrew Holden, MBChB / Jihad A. Mustapha, MD  
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3:00 PM - 3:20 PM Panel Discussion And Break
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