2:06 PM - 2:11 PM History Of The American Board of Vascular Surgery (ABVS) – Where Does Vascular Surgery Stand – What Is Missing
  Presenter(s):James C. Stanley, MD  
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2:12 PM - 2:17 PM Advantages To A Division Of Vascular Surgery When It Is Part Of A Department Of General Surgery
  Presenter(s):H. Leon Pachter, MD  
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2:18 PM - 2:23 PM Why Vascular Surgery Needs To Be A Totally Independent Specialty And How Can We Get There
  Presenter(s):Timothy M. Sullivan, MD  
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2:24 PM - 2:29 PM MOC (Maintenance Of Certification): Is It Valuable, In Need Of Modification Or A Waste Of Time And Money: Does Vascular Surgery Need More Independence With Its Own Board And RRC
  Presenter(s):John F. Eidt, MD  
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2:30 PM - 2:35 PM Who Should Be Doing The Complex Open Vascular Surgery (Pararenal AAAs, TAAAs, Mesenteric And Tibial Bypasses): Trainee Experience Is Limited: Do We Need Regional Centers And What Are The Downsides
  Presenter(s):Ronald L. Dalman, MD  
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2:36 PM - 2:41 PM Major Open Surgery Experience Differences Between 5+2 And 0+5 Vascular Trainees: Does It Matter
  Presenter(s):Murray L. Shames, MD  
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2:42 PM - 2:48 PM Panel Discussion
Moderator(s): Karl A. Illig, MD / Ronald L. Dalman, MD  
2:48 PM - 2:53 PM Role And Progress Of Women In Vascular Surgery: Value Of Mentorship And How To Promote It
  Presenter(s):Robyn A. Macsata, MD  
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2:54 PM - 2:59 PM Should All Surgeons Have To Work On Simulators – Like Pilots
  Presenter(s):O. William Brown, MD, JD  
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3:00 PM - 3:05 PM How To Shift Learning Curves From Patients To Models (Simulators) And How To Assess Technical Skills With Models
  Presenter(s):Hans-Henning Eckstein, MD, PhD  
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3:06 PM - 3:11 PM Proficiency Based Stepwise Endovascular Training Improves Performance In The Hybrid Suite: A RCT (The PROSPECT Trial) Proves It
  Presenter(s):Isabelle van Herzeele, MD, PhD / Heidi Maertens, PhD  
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3:12 PM - 3:17 PM How To Determine Proficiency In EVAR And Radiation Safety: Does Simulator Training Help
  Presenter(s):Lars B. Lonn, MD, PhD / Torben V. Schroeder, MD, DMSc  
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3:18 PM - 3:23 PM How To Train Practicing Vascular Surgeons/Specialists For New Procedures; “Gloves On Training” Can Do It: What Are The Essential Elements
  Presenter(s):Jon S. Matsumura, MD  
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3:24 PM - 3:30 PM Panel Discussion
3:30 PM - 3:40 PM Break – Visit Exhibits And Pavilions (2nd and 3rd Floors)
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