6:40 AM - 6:45 AM Importance Of Vessel Preparation Before DCB Use: Value Of The Cagent Serranator Device For Producing Controlled Lesion Serration Before DCB Inflation
  Presenter(s):Peter A. Schneider, MD  
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6:46 AM - 6:51 AM Creation Of A Spliced Vein Conduit Using A Microvascular Coupler (Technique Video): Where Can The Resulting Product Prove Essential
  Presenter(s):Benjamin M. Jackson, MD  
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6:52 AM - 6:57 AM What Are The Components Of A Stent’s Radial Force And Why Do They Matter
  Presenter(s):Koen Deloose, MD  
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6:58 AM - 7:03 AM Lithoplasty From Shockwave Medical For Treating Heavily Calcified Lower Extremity Occlusive Lesions: Concept, Indications, Techniques And Results: From The DISRUPT PAD 1 And 2 Trials
  Presenter(s):Gunnar Tepe, MD / Thomas Zeller, MD / Andrew Holden, MBChB  
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7:04 AM - 7:09 AM How To Improve Patients And Your Own Intelligence And Cognitive Function By Increasing Brain Blood Flow Pharmacologically
  Presenter(s):Juan C. Parodi, MD  
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7:10 AM - 7:15 AM The Arsenal AAA Sac Filling System (Medtronic) For EVAR: How Does It Work; What Is Its Value: Early Results
  Presenter(s):Andrew Holden, MBChB  
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7:16 AM - 7:21 AM 3D Printed AAA Templates With The AortaFit System From Aortica: How Do They Simplify And Improve F/EVAR Procedures: How Do They Work And Improve Fenestration/Branch Alignment
  Presenter(s):Benjamin W. Starnes, MD  
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7:22 AM - 7:27 AM Remote Monitoring Of Bypass Flow With A Totally Implantable Piezoelectric Sensor: It Can Also Be Placed On Stents For Self-Monitoring: The GraftWorx System
  Presenter(s):Richard F. Neville, MD  
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7:28 AM - 7:33 AM Centerline Biomedical GPS-Like Vascular Navigation System To Decrease Radiation And Contrast Dosage By Using Sensor Equipped Catheters And Guidewires Located And Guided Through A 3-D Virtual Vascular Tree – iOPS (Intraoperative Positioning System)
  Presenter(s):Matthew J. Eagleton, MD  
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7:34 AM - 7:40 AM Panel Discussion
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